Healing From the Heart Energy Medicine

If you know you could be happier...

If you're living your life on top of a hard story,
and you know that you're ready for more joy, freedom,
safety, abundance and love in your life...

f there's been abandonment or neglect in your early family life
and you keep repeating that pattern...

If you need help recovering from the pain of divorce...

If you're overwhelmed with grief from the death of a loved person or animal..
  If you have too much stress in your life...

If you're holding onto extra weight because of emotional eating...


You know you're finally ready to get the help you need to heal yourself
and find more happiness in your life,
I'd be thrilled to help you.

  I use a combination of EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting
(both energy psychology techniques),
Jin Shin Jyutsu (a lovely form of energy medicine),
Self-Compassion as developed by Kristin Neff and Chris Germer,
Internal Family Systems (a dynamic new school of psychology from Richard Schwartz),
a bit of Family Constellation work,
my intuition, knowledge, experience,
a very full tool box of techniques,
so that you can finally have the life you want.

My work is informed by a strong foundation of metaphysics, mindfulness and yoga.

My purpose is to help relieve suffering.
  We can work together in person in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
 or anywhere in the world by phone or Skype.

After working with many hundreds of clients,
it's evident that I have a talent to hear what's being said and not said,
make the necessary connections, and help you resolve and transform
the stories from your past...

If this is what you've been hoping to find, let's talk.

Call me at 505-466-3207 or send me an e-mail and we'll set up a time to speak by phone
and see if I'm the right person to help you heal yourself.


"When I contacted Andi I was in a place of severe emotional pain, despair, grief, fear, and anger due to life circumstances, loss and choices from my past. Medication for depression and weekly therapy sessions were not shifting my moods or changing the general tone of my pain. I was truly not myself and desperate to feel normal again. I was willing to try anything.

After my first session with Andi I felt a significance difference in the negative energy filling my body. The emotional pain that I had previously felt had lightened and I finally gained some relief which, was relieving in itself. Andi is a loving, kind, and accepting soul that makes feeling and being vulnerable, light instead of hard, heavy and impossible. I looked forward to my sessions with her immensely. Working with Andi has changed my life. I was able to address a lifetime of painful emotions, regrets, grief, loss and addictions. The most valuable part about the work with Andi, is her willingness to teach and support you in bringing tapping into your own daily life."

-L.R. Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor


"I came to Andi because I was encountering a lot of angry people on a daily basis at my job which was triggering me into a lot of daily anxiety and lingering depression.  After tapping with Andi I realized how much of it had to do with the fact that my fear of anger was actually attracting it into my life.  It was not until I dealt with that fear from my past that I could heal that part of my childhood and no longer fear anger the way that I used to.  I am happy to say that I have not encountered a single angry person at work since my session with Andi.  ~ RT, Santa Fe


"Through kind and gentle guidance, Andi listened to me and identified the beliefs that prevent me from reaching my potential.  She tapped on her own body while I tapped on mine, saying phrases that brought out into the open my hidden thoughts.  It was easy for me to mirror her movements and statements while adding a few of my own to accentuate her words.  Because she participated in my release I didn't feel alone or self-conscious.  Through this process we accessed beliefs hidden in my cells and brought them into the light, cleansing them and replacing them with healthy statements.

The Jin Shin Jyutsu session following the EFT was relaxing and restful.  It was a perfect union of active work and passively receiving healing and balancing on a cellular level.  The work that we did that day continued for several days.

Thank you for your compassion and caring!"     ~ ED, Santa Fe



If you're in Santa Fe and would like to experience  EFT for yourself with very little financial commitment, please come to my group tapping events.

Upcoming Events

The Wednesday Night Tapping Group:
EFT in Santa Fe Meetup

Tapping For Love
February 13
7:00 - 8:30 pm
Hotel Santa Fe
Canyon Room


6-month program

In this individually designed program, we'll identify the underlying themes of your life,  work through each trauma of your past that contributed to those belief systems, and design a new version of your life, filled with purpose, meaning, love, and pleasure.
If that's what you've been wanting, call me for more information and a free 20-minute discovery session.
We'll have fun!


One-Day VIP Intensives!

Would you like to transform your life in one day?

Contact me to discuss setting up a one-day intensive filled with EFT and Jin Shin Jyutsu to help you resolve your past and identify what it is that will help you create a happier life -- all in one easy day in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

(505) 466-3207 or click here


If it's time to let go of your past, and make a significant change in the quality of your life, please connect with me to see if I'm the right person to work with  you. 
(505) 466-3207
or click here




I'm happy to share with you that I'm doing VERY WELL... I have joy, peace & laughter back in my life again and I'm feeling so grateful to have gotten through my process in a relatively short period of time.  Thank you for all your support & healing.  I give you and EFT a lot of credit for the speedy recovery!" 
             ~JJ, Santa Fe

"When I originally contacted Andi Sutherland, I was in the midst of a very difficult divorce proceeding after a 17-year marriage. I was experiencing an intense amount of sadness, grief and loss.  Also, given this was my fourth marriage, the sense of failure and heartbreak was immeasurable.

...My life has taken on a remarkably different emotional tone, as joy, laughter and harmony are now the primary experience of my relationship life. I highly recommend Andi Sutherland, her compassion, insight and professionalism is exceptional, as well as her ability to provide a safe and peaceful reprieve from the emotional grind that was my life before beginning this work with her." 
               ~FD, Santa Fe

"I have to say THANK YOU for your powerful healing presence!  Since working with you 10 days ago, I've watched in amazement as my perspective on the past has changed from one of the being enmeshed in the old story to one of appreciation and gratitude for all the experiences that brought me to this moment.  The most practical aspect of this is that I am more and more aware of the abundance of love, friendship, wellbeing, wealth, and all good things in my lfe than ever before.  Thank you Andi." ~Frank Butterfield

"Thank you for such a powerful EFT session. You take EFT to a whole new level. I felt an energy boost during and after the session. You are such an intuitive and gifted healer."

                  ~Pamela, NJ

"...I found her to be compassionate, extremely sensitive to my experiences, affirmative and very professional. She helped me resolve painful experiences from my childhood with remarkable skill and sensitivity."     
                 ~Maria, NY

"...She also guided me through the painful process of saying out loud all the thoughts that I had trapped in my head from trauma and abuse. Her amazing intuition and warm and gentle personality helped to guide me safely and completely through things I have always had trouble verbalizing to anyone." 
             ~Alan, Santa Fe

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Emotional wounds and traumas are inevitable in this human experience and if they are not addressed, they will often show up as physical symptoms in your body and possibly prevent you from having the life you want.

I use a combination of energy techniques to help you find emotional freedom and relief so that you can feel better.

•If your heart is hurting from grief or loss

because you've lost a significant relationship (human or pet) through death or divorce

•Or if you were hurt emotionally or physically by your parents

•Or there's a significant event from your past that is  blocking your ability to be fully present and happy

•Or your body has extra weight on it that you've been unable to take off

Please contact me.

I know how it feels to be desperate to find relief from difficult emotions and body conditions, and I also know I can help support you,  either in person in Santa Fe, New Mexico, or by telephone
or Skype anywhere in the world.

I couldn't find anyone to help me when I needed it, who could really understand what I was going through, so I've spent years learning many of the best energy medicine tools there are, 
and now it's my turn to help you -- with intuition, empathy and compassion.

With EFT and other energy psychology and energy medicine tools, I've been helping people
do profound work, find emotional freedom and feel so much better.

I'd be delighted to support you in clearing your past, and soothing your heart and  transforming your life now.

"I cannot thank you enough for working me through the grief that has haunted me for five years since the death of my late husband.  I can now speak of him without crying and can feel his positive energy enveloping me.  The session with you was one of JOY - laughing and crying go well together..."   
DP, Santa Fe

I will do my best to help you soothe your heart, find emotional freedom and feel better quickly 
so you can have the life you want.

"Andi helped me release a lot of pain and grief regarding my Mother's death, primarily using EFT. I recommend her wholeheartedly." ~KC, Santa Fe

Please call me at 505-466-3207
to schedule your
Healing from the Heart
 Discovery Session
or you can send me an e-mail by
 clicking here.

Disclaimer: Please note that Andi Sutherland is neither a licensed therapist or medical doctor.  She does not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions, and makes no claim to heal illness, either physical or psychological.  In no way does Andi Sutherland  or Andi Sutherland & Co., EFT Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting or Jin Shin Jyutsu claim to replace medical or psychological attention from a licensed professional. 

Healing from the Heart
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